The Social Media Management tool that works together with your internet filter. 
Access Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, schedule posts measure the success of your campaigns with social media analytics & more without compromising your internet safety, all from a single platform.

What is Yattr? 

Yattr is simple web-based platform that allows you to post information simultaneously on multiple social media sites, monitor responses and keep control.

Yattr provides a real-time view of your social media activity while at the same time shielding your staff and business from distraction and inappropriate content.

While social media makes it easier to connect with your customers, many questions also arise such as which sites to use, how to avoid pitfalls, employee timewasting and how to balance the need for internet protection.

  Yattr includes a dedicated internet filter that has been specially configured for compatibility with Social Media, and has been developed and tested to ensure a smooth and effective user experience.

Some businesses may decide to 'out-source' management of their Social Media activity to a specialised agency; but while this may be the answer for some it can also mean loss of control and immediacy, and without full visibility of day-to-day activity it can be difficult to keep control. Yattr empowers you by providing you this view, without compromising internet protection.

Yattr SM Management Pricing 

Pricing starts at GBP £88.50 + VAT, per User per Month, for up to 5 users

Logging In

Accessing the Yattr website is straightforward - here we walk you through the initial steps and settings to get you started in minutes .

Getting Started

Yattr connects to your Social Media accounts using 'Services'. This quick-start guide shows how simple this process is.

Message and Post Management

Yattr is all about simplifying your Social Media activity – whether it’s a single announcement or a full campaign with videos embedded in posts,

Keywords and Monitoring

Keep ahead of the game: Yattr helps you keep track of when your company and brand names are mentioned on Social Media - and your competition's.


“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half" said the founder of Macy's Stores - Yattr's reporting features will help you find out 


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